Thanks Everyone!

posted by Samieru

Hello, everyone.

Japan is noon now.

The third passed after we had opened NIGORO and Death Village to the public.
About 10,000 people have been visiting our site in these three days.
We wish to express our gratitude to you.

And most of visitors came from outside of Japan.

I feel sorry for a lot of people puzzled to the operation to be seen in foreign countries so that there is only a Japanese page.
Please wait for an English page for a while.

However, I put some hints to play Death Village better for you.

Death Village is a puzzle game. There is no random factors.
Sometime, Kevin (main character's name. Kevin=C=Muller) seems using stairs at random.
Though it made as seen so. But, actions are not random.
If you want to lead him to another stairs, change his direction with something.

What happens if what is done?
This is a core of the game.
Try it.

And, I have the level editor can opened to the public as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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